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The 3 flexible Goodwork solutions

Virtual offices

Virtual offices

You get the right image without the costs
  • A prestigious address
  • Professional, multilingual reception
  • Personalised call management
  • Work or meeting space on request
  • Competitive pricing
Virtual offices
Private offices

Private or shared offices

A flexible, evolutive structure with controlled costs
  • A professional, high quality environment
  • Shared or dedicated space that
    can evolve with your needs
  • A dedicated multilingual team
  • Total management (reception, mail,
    cutting edge IS technology, etc.)
  • Real costs shared and controlled
Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Problem free meetings
  • Modular spaces
  • A professional, confidential environment
  • For any usage (interviews, training, meetings, show rooms, conference rooms, selection procedures, data rooms)
  • Cutting edge equipment and support
  • A complete suite of services and accessories
Meeting rooms

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Here are a few simple ways to limit the negative impact of your work on the environment and - the icing on the cake - help you make savings:
1. The first thing relates to printing documents. It is a fact that one printed page in every 6 is useless. You should therefore get into the habit of thinking about protecting our environment and ask yourself whether you really need to print out that document on the screen.
2. The second action is recycling print cartridges. Only 15% of these ...

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Approval :

Since 1st April 2010, businesses domiciled in a Business Center have been effectively protected via a mandatory approval scheme.
The purpose of Decree no. 2009-1695, presented on 30 December 2009 and in force since 1st April 2010, is to give domiciled companies more security by obliging Business Centers to have official approval. In particular the decree specifies that: « No entity may provide branch domicile services without prior approval by the administrative authorities".

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Satisfied customers

Maureen Saels

A while ago we decided to outsource our telephone system. As a service company we are very much aware that our image and the quality of our telephone reception - the first contact with our customers - are of prime importance. That’s why we gave in-depth consideration to our choice and it soon became apparent that Goodwork offered the most suitable solution.

An end to administrative hassles, having to take messages...