The Business Center takes on a whole new dimension.

More flexibility in work, increasing mobility of numerous functions, the breakneck pace of changing technology, a good work-life balance, environmental and ethical concerns that involve us all ... our professional life throws up new issues and new challenges for everyone.

Goodwork is based on this very simple idea: putting the business center concept in sync with professional life today.


By offering our customers solutions demonstrating commitment, clearly and in concrete terms, to 7 key points:

Cutting edge technology:

IP telephony, totally secure computer networks, high band-width, ultra fast connections … everything has been formulated to enable extremely simple, evolutive and fluid use of the best technologies.

Friendly, helpful staff:

Goodwork personnel are trained to be able to offer practical solutions to any problem and provide real customer support.

A work environment that makes well being a condition for working well:

functional workspaces, the right lighting, modular offices, clean design, ergonomic furniture and natural materials … some of the essential features of Goodwork.

Systematic economic rationality:

in line with current necessities in terms of cost management. Customers get exactly what they need, do not pay for anything they don’t need and benefit from optimal cost transparency.

A real concern for the environment and ethics:

whether in terms of sorting waste, use of non polluting materials, choice of equipment, monitoring and controlling our CO2 emissions, management of social affairs as regards personnel … Goodwork sets itself the most exacting standards and claims the status of a sustainable and responsible business center.

A distinctive communication approach:

through organising in situ events, through its visibility and dynamism on the web, through the substance of its messages and simply through its name, Goodwork aims to encourage creativity, a fresh approach and a culture of openness.

Established on an international scale, with highly visible addresses:

Goodwork is intended for large European capital cities and selects addresses that are easily identifiable and convenient to access.

With Goodwork, the business center takes on a whole new dimension, to exactly meet the needs of companies today
and exactly match your everyday requirements.


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