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Approval :

Since 1st April 2010, businesses domiciled in a Business Center have been effectively protected via a mandatory approval scheme.
The purpose of Decree no. 2009-1695, presented on 30 December 2009 and in force since 1st April 2010, is to give domiciled companies more security by obliging Business Centers to have official approval. In particular the decree specifies that: « No entity may provide branch domicile services without prior approval by the administrative authorities".
Thus, domiciled companies benefit from extra protection in terms of maximum confidentiality, a more reliable domicile provider (assurances as regards absence of convictions, bankruptcy, etc.) and a Business Center that meets the requirements for approval. As a further safeguard, this mandatory approval is not definitive but has to be renewed.
This new law will delight and reassure companies wishing to establish themselves in a Business Center.

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