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Here are a few simple ways to limit the negative impact of your work on the environment and - the icing on the cake - help you make savings:
1. The first thing relates to printing documents. It is a fact that one printed page in every 6 is useless. You should therefore get into the habit of thinking about protecting our environment and ask yourself whether you really need to print out that document on the screen.
2. The second action is recycling print cartridges. Only 15% of these are currently recycled and all that's needed is to provide bins specifically for this purpose in your office.
3. You can also switch off the lights when you leave an unoccupied room, and along the same lines, remember to switch off lights in a room where daylight is adequate.
4. Do you really need to switch the air conditioning on? Even on certain hot summer days, the air conditioning doesn't have to be working flat out.
5. And the same goes for heating: for example, make sure you don't leave it on when you go home in the evening, over the weekend or when the windows are open!
6. Don't use plastic cups; much better to take your own cup or mug to work! Some plastic cups take more than 1,000 years to break down.
7. Choose video conferences instead of costly, energy-sapping business trips.
8. Use an Energy Star compliant computer. You can also help by remembering to turn off your PC when you leave the office to go home, and switching it back on the next morning.
9. The methods we use for getting to work can also harm the environment. Bike-sharing systems are becoming more widely available in France (Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Marseille, etc.). So, pick up a bike for a city journey: much less polluting than even public transport!
10. Lastly, and we can't say this often enough, don't ever leave the tap running.

Take these practical tips on board and convince your colleagues of the importance of such small everyday actions. If all of France takes notice, we can start to make progress!

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