Our partners


Goodwork clients need a fast, reliable connection to the Internet, their company network, their partners … in short, to the whole world. They must be able to send and receive information, at any time, in a few seconds and totally securely.

In order to guarantee these requirements, Goodwork uses the services of Colt (www.colt.net), a major operator in the international professional telecommunications market.

Via a direct fibre optic connection to the Colt network, Goodwork Centers and clients can be sure of reliable, high performance Internet access.

  • Fibre optics is more “instant” and gives increased reliability while at the same time removing the need for intermediary equipment and being virtually immune to interference.
  • The loop structure provides a very high level of physical redundancy: if an outside event interrupts traffic on a fibre, the other section of the loop instantly takes over.
  • Colt MSP Ethernet technology provides an unrivalled quality of service (QoS), with assured high speed symmetric FastEthernet and exceptionally low latency and jitter.
  • Colt’s convergent networks in Europe and those of Level 3 in North America, with their direct interconnections with the world’s main operators provide a guarantee in terms of quality and speed the world over. 
  • The Service Level Guarantee is an assurance that Colt does its utmost to keep its network operational (24hr/24hr monitoring, proactive interventions, continuous improvement) and to quickly repair any very rare outages.

The same technology also enables Goodwork to interconnect its various Centers and so offer all its clients the same quality of service at no extra cost.

Lastly, this same quality requirement means that Goodwork connects its telephone infrastructure to the Colt network without compression or loss of quality.


Connected to a local, high performance and secure network, Goodwork clients have access to their company’s local and remote resources, to Goodwork printers and the whole world via the Internet. And remember, they also benefit from the very latest phone call technologies.

To meet these needs, Goodwork uses the services of Quentris (www.quentris.com), a subsidiary of the GDF Suez Group and Cisco Silver Certified Partner (www.cisco.com) achieving the “Excellence” label in independent satisfaction surveys.

This combination of highly skilled Quentris engineers and Cisco equipment reliability offers numerous benefits:

  • Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches offer all the facilities required to configure and secure each client’s private network depending on its needs.
  • Cisco ASA 5520 firewalls provide additional security, are adaptable to specific needs and enable all clients to access their data and telephone systems anywhere in the world.
  • Voice Over IP servers (CUCM, UCCX, UCM) guarantee flexibility and security in telephone communications while also providing advanced solutions to meet the needs of Goodwork and its clients.
  • IP and analogue phones with Cisco software make for modern, user friendly phone systems (widescreen display, Hands Free, multi-line management, voice mailboxes, Conference button, headset, etc.) plus portability and flexibility of use in the case of IP phones.


To guarantee the high quality of the services it offers its clients, Goodwork uses extremely flexible, reliable and high performing information systems.

  • VMWare virtual servers increase infrastructure flexibility and reliability by dedicating a virtual machine to each task and facilitating overall management (rollout, redundancy, backups, etc.).
  • Citrix thin workstations allow users to perform better in their work, at the same time providing increased reliability and security throughout.
  • In both cases, the exceptional reduction in energy consumption (servers, thin clients and air conditioning in the computer room) is in line with our “Zero CO2 emissions” label.

To assist in managing this cutting edge infrastructure, Goodwork uses the services of Systemat (www.systemat.com), an integrator specialising in virtual infrastructures and an HP Certified Partner (www.hp.com).

This combination of Goodwork internal resources, Systemat specialists and HP hardware ensures exceptional reliability of the entire system:

  • Fast, efficient user support and specialists available to all users for high quality work.
  • HP After-Sales Service assistance, described as the best in the world, in the very unlikely event of a fault.