Convene: Premium Creative for Growth

Convene: Premium Creative for Growth

Larisa Summers

Chief Marketing Officer

GoodWork x Convene:

Premium Creative for Growth


  • Over 250 deliverables in 5 months
  • Rolled out their rebrand across assets supporting 8 teams & stakeholders
  • Ongoing creative support for marketing, sales, product marketing, brand, social, partnerships, operations
  • Drove 50% savings in creative costs

Convene is a category-leading brand, reshaping work environments with a hospitality-inspired twist.  Over the past 6 months, they have masterfully leveraged an elevated brand and strategic positioning to drive growth.

Premium to the core

By challenging norms and asking, "What if you ran an office building like a hotel?", Convene broke out of the low-rent “office share” mold laid by WeWork and others.  This was an elevated, sophisticated experience.  This was a space that made you feel extraordinary.  

It was essential to transfer this premium workday experience to their marketing & comms.  Rolling out the rebrand in Q2’23 and their GoodWork team redesigned over 50 different assets - menus, proposal templates, 1-sheeters, logos, email signatures, property pages, maps, service guides, social templates and more - ensuring the core brand values were felt across sales, marketing and operations.

Flex when the world needs it

Post-pandemic, the office and commercial real estate world is still churning.  The 10-year handcuffs of a traditional lease are even less appealing to growth companies when paired with the costs of building out an office environment people would actually WANT to work in.

Convene was well positioned for this moment, and forcefully stepped as the full-service, all inclusive flex office option.  Together, we developed and crafted a series of eBooks, 1-sheeters, social content and display ads to target key decision makers at growth companies with this messaging.  

Symphony of Deliverables

Convene doubled creative output in five months while reducing the budget by over 50%.  In this brief span, over 250 deliverables were utilized across marketing, sales, branding, social engagement, partnerships, and operations.  With so many quality assets delivered so quickly, the Convene team was able to quickly and nimbly activate partnerships, content marketing and social opportunities.

Convene's mission to turn work into an experience became the guiding principles for our work too - full-service, innovative and elegant.