Ghost: Launching a Retail Disruptor

Ghost: Launching a Retail Disruptor

Erik Ulin

SVP Revenue

GoodWork x Ghost: Launching a Retail Disruptor


  • Full redesign of their website
  • Additional brand assets and templates created

We love partnering with visionary companies that revolutionize industries. Enter the world’s largest supply of surplus inventory. After a successful A round, Ghost needed to launch a market-facing site to drive their first wave of growth, and partnered with a GoodWork team to establish their brand’s web presence.

Investing in First Impressions

Ghost’s private B2B platform is reshaping the economics of surplus inventory, making it radically easier to buy and sell wholesale goods.  After their A round closed, they needed to quickly evolve their MVP website, created by their founders and small internal team.  Fresh off a rebrand, they had the visual identity ready and their GoodWork team embraced the challenge of translating that into a high-impact website.

Our partnership wasn't just about design; it was about understanding Ghost's ethos, values, and aspirations. This allowed their team to offer design and messaging insights drawn from their product positioning - value creation, process simplicity, and user control - and weave them into the site’s narrative and flow.

Set up to stay nimble

Ghost’s go-to-market strategy didn’t stop at their website, and their GoodWork team didn’t stop at the new website design. Their GoodWork team crafted supplementary branded assets and templates for their internal team to use. This fortified their brand consistency across various touchpoints and accelerated their time to publish across marketing and sales. At their stage, waiting for that outside vendor to update the deck is time Ghost couldn’t afford, so GoodWork armed them with the tools their team needed to stay nimble.