Harry's: Driving Conversion

Harry's: Driving Conversion


Creative Director

Harry's x GoodWork:

Driving Conversion


Harry's is a shaving disruptor. Though they’ve built a great brand, and are gaining ground on “big razor,” they needed to refine their conversion process.

GoodWork to create a digital campaign, and develop a retargeting strategy.

Defining the Audience

Big razor companies like Gillette, and other disruptors like Dollar Shave Club all target the same guy — 18 year olds. This makes sense, as this is when so many life-long brand preferences are built. The problem with targeting 18 year olds, though, is that everyone is targeting 18 year olds; it’s crowded and expensive. 

Meet Brian, 32, our preferred target. Brian has hit what we call his “second puberty.” It’s the point in a man’s life when he buys a headboard, and is starting to grow up. With second puberty comes a reconsideration of the brands and behaviors he’s brought into his life. By targeting Brian, we found white space, and helped him navigate this second puberty as he resets his autopilot. 

The Campaign

Brian, 32 has a high marketing B.S. filter, and doesn’t like to be sold to. Rather than bombard him with “buy now!!!” ads, we used a slightly elevated tone. 

Harry’s. For Your Consideration. 

GoodWork created a series of playful, dry, editorially-minded ads that helped Brian, 32 navigate this new period of his life. Food to travel. Art to relationships. Beyond just razor talk, we found other topics that he was interested in, and built content tailored to him.


GoodWork's campaign drove conversion up 13% vs best performing content historically and increased time on site up 20% vs benchmarks.

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