Safara: Elevating User Acquisition

Safara: Elevating User Acquisition

Tyler Doremus

Head of Growth

Safara x GoodWork:

Elevating User Acquisition


  • Dedicated design support for roll-out of new brand across key product and marketing points
  • Social templates for brand channels and influencer partnerships, accelerating speed to publish
  • Redesign of entire user email flow

In the realm of travel innovation, Safara is reshaping the premium hotel booking experience. The past 6 months have seen them make key strategic decisions that rapidly scaled up user acquisition.

Premium Touch: Design across everything

As a premium offering in the travel category, Safara’s marketing needed to stay aspirational.  Whether in their site, social, SEO, app or email - investing in design ensured the brand stayed premium and travelers were inspired to explore and book.  To power their leap in user acquisition, Safara utilized on-demand access to our premium design bench and rolled out updated branding across the product, their marketing and their in-app & email user communications. 

The blend of effortless booking and premium editorial content makes Safara a destination unto itself. SPF amazing.

Redefined User Engagement

Safara's growth drivers extended beyond aesthetics; it enveloped the user experience. The redesign of the entire user email flow reinvigorated communication, ensuring that every interaction resonated with their brand's essence. The added layer of sophistication to Safara's customer interactions extended out from the product through their social as well.

Empowering Brand Storytelling

Our collaboration wasn't just about design deliverables; it was about empowering Safara's storytelling at scale. Dedicated design support facilitated the seamless rollout of social templates and support for influencer partnerships that accelerated their speed to publish. Safara's voice echoed across channels, sparking wanderlust.

The spotlight remains on Safara's rapid growth & product accomplishments - an embodiment of wanderlust, innovation, and exceptional experiences.

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