Section: Producing the Core Product

Section: Producing the Core Product

Taylor Malmsheimer

Chief Operating Officer

Section x GoodWork:

Producing the Core Product


  • Full service production team for live action video shoot. 
  • Integrated post-production, weaving GoodWork and Section team together into one collaborative unit
  • Seamlessly maintained high production value with out-sourced team.

On a mission to disrupt higher education, Section has emerged as a beacon of innovation, reshaping the way ambitious minds access strategic knowledge. Their core product - the sprint - is a content-focused asynchronous course.  GoodWork helped them handle production, reduce costs and accelerate time-to-publish.

Section brings together some of business' brightest minds. Working directly with their team, GoodWord ensured that every piece of content was expertly crafted to help educate the next generation of business leaders.

Live Action Production Partner

Section's shift from in-house content production to an on-demand creative team gave them a single point of oversight without compromising quality -- everything from video lessons, case studies, instructor profiles and suite of photo/video assets to support course marketing. 

Post-production Symphony

Extending our partnership with Section into post-production involved seamlessly integrating our flexible, fractional team with their in-house Motion Design and Editing team.  Their GoodWork team fully mapped onto their existing workflows, working 100% remote and async. This “fractional in-house” approach allowed the GoodWork team to work directly with key stakeholders from Section’s education, marketing and operations teams.

Uncompromised Quality

Complex and sophisticated, Section's motion templates needed capable creatives at the helm to ensure quality stayed high. GoodWork matched Section with experienced creatives to maintain high production value and to enable collaboration at the asset level.