SmartLabs: Driving Capital-efficient Growth

SmartLabs: Driving Capital-efficient Growth

Clement Fourny

SVP of Revenue

GoodWork x SmartLabs:

Driving Capital-efficient Growth


  • Over 100 deliverables in 5 months
  • Turnkey support for events and sales
  • Revamped their brand guidelines without slowing deliverables
  • Supported marketing, sales, brand, social

SmartLabs offers a transformative product: flexible infrastructure to the biotech and pharma sectors. After rapidly closing their A and B rounds, and the bulk of their capex focused on physical expansion, they needed a capital-efficient way to support sales and marketing.  They partnered with GoodWork to quickly ramp up creative support for cross-functional stakeholders.

High-output Without Internal Hires

With their sales and marketing strategy set, SmartLabs needed to ramp up production of creative assets quickly.  Shortcutting the time and expense to build out an internal team, SmartLabs booked a GoodWork creative team, on-boarded them and had production rolling within 2 weeks. Five months later, the collaboration between SmartLabs and GoodWork has yielded over 100 assets across marketings, sales, events, web/digital and corporate comms.

Seamless cross-functional support

Needing to simultaneously build top-of-funnel brand awareness and support sales and direct outreach, SmartLabs spread their GoodWork team across multiple internal stakeholders.  This created flexible creative support for marketing & partnerships, fueled sales with critical enablement, nurtured their brand identity, and created engaging social interactions.

In-flight Brand Touch-ups

Common with rapidly growing companies, SmartLabs' brand guidelines and visual identity were evolving as assets were produced.  Rather than limit their creativity and throttle creative output, the GoodWork team performed in-flight updates to the brand guidelines, capturing the asset-by-asset refinements their work produced. The brand guidelines were meticulously revamped, seamlessly integrating new insights & strategy without impeding the pace of deliverables.