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Access agency talent, without the agency overhead.
Work with a premium freelance team, powered by AI.

Late-stage growth

doubled their creative
output while reducing their budget by over 40%

Larisa Summers

Chief Marketing Officer

Late Stage Growth

flexible campaign increased conversion by 12%

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Harry's Razors

Late Stage Growth

doubled their creative output while expanding globally

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Larisa Summers

Chief Marketing Officer


scaled up user acquisition with our premium design bench

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Tyler Doremus

Head of Growth

Series A

shifted content production to realize over 50% in savings

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Taylor Malmsheimer

Chief Operating Officer

Series B

grew sales and skipped hiring an in-house creative team

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Clement Fourny

SVP of Commercial

Work that works.

GoodWork works with amazing companies that are poised to change industries and the world.  


Flexible teams for
every stage of growth

Access premium agency talent on freelance teams.


Work with a Pro

Get started with a creative
director or strategist to get
you from zero to one.

Starts at $3K / sprint

1-month sprints, $65 / credit

Skip the search for freelancers


Full-Stack Team

Work with a 2 to 5 person creative team for all your ongoing sales
and marketing needs.

Starts at $5k / mo

3-month min, $50 / credit with
50% monthly rollover

Augment your in-house team


Add-On Team

Access a specialized team on-demand for additional bandwidth and skills when you need it.

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custom pricing

Skilled hands when you need it

Automated by AI.
No overhead.

Behind the scenes, we've automated the entire work experience. Put all of your budget towards great creative.

book your team with 1-click
build a backlog and prioritize
one payment pays the whole team

100's of top creative talent
on your team in 1-click

Access vetted talent that's worked at the best creative agencies, now available to you.

With GoodWork,
say goodbye to...

Working around your freelancer's schedule

Asking your product designer to be a marketer

Working waterfall  when you really want agile

Do more.
Make more.

Over 40% of your agency's budget goes to overhead. Let's change that.