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We started GoodWork because there’s no easy way to get premium creative work done today. And take it from us as founders – we’ve built multiple companies, launched dozens of products, and have shaped the creative direction of 23 of the Fortune 100, and yet even then, getting creative work done was unnecessarily complicated and expensive. 

Tom is a 2x tech founder and product exec. Will is an award-winning creative director and creative exec. David is a software architect and engineering exec. Together, we believe there’s a better way to get creative work done that’s freelance, in small teams, and fully automated by AI so creatives and companies can focus on what matters most, doing good work. 

And our timing couldn’t be better – remote gig work is on the rise, creative agencies are falling out of favor, growth companies are doing more with less, generative AI is here to stay, and no one likes sorting through dozens of freelancer profiles on talent platforms. 

There’s a better way

Meet otto, our AI-Producer. Behind the scenes, otto gives our creative teams super powers by taking on all of the administrative work that neither they, nor the companies we work with, really want to do. Before GoodWork, this accounted for more than 40% of the cost of creative at creative agencies, everything from project scoping, talent management, account management, project management, and payments – now back in our customer’s pockets.

otto (yes, lowercase... despite the grammatical issues this causes...) is our AI assistant that automates admin work for creatives and companies alike.

Our approach is a well calibrated blend of high-touch human experiences with our customers, direct access to premier creative talent from our curated community, and automation through otto that brings agile working and transparency to the creative process.

In the end, companies get an easy, cost effective, and measured way to get creative work done and creatives get to work directly with great companies, on teams, and with all the flexibility of working for themselves, without the headache.

If you’re a growing company looking for creative design and content, start here. If you’re a creative with at least 10 years experience, apply here.

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